Hi there, I’m Erin Gregor, and I help you to stop sitting on the sidelines and losing sales by demystifying the world of content and social media marketing.

With six major social channels, plus a plethora of ways to create content you probably have found yourself overwhelmed trying to figure out where you should be and what you should say that anyone would even care about. Plus, I’ll bet you’ve spent your fair share of money boosting a Facebook Post, only to find that money wind right down the drain.

I’m here to help because I help business owners who feel overwhelmed with the idea of marketing. I teach you straight-forward processes and systems that teach you how to create content that sells, be in the places that only matter to your business, and learn to measure ROI on your work.

I was in Corporate America working in sales and design. I wasn’t into marketing, but I loved to tell a great story.

I just kind of fell into marketing by simply telling stories and being myself.

When I started my first business, I had no idea how I was going to market. In fact, after doing some research I thought that the best way for me to get business was to be listed in the yellow pages. (No, I didn’t start my first business when dinosaurs roamed the earth). But when I formed my first LLC, the phone book showed up at my doorstep that same week, and I knew I either had to figure out something else or wait another year until the next one was published.

It was the time of Google and blogs, and that was where I began learning how to rank my business and share stories. Within no time, the phone was ringing, and time after time I would meet a client who found me on Google, but it was my blog that sealed the deal on calling our company.

Social then came into play and as I sold that first company and moved onto the next, I learned to demystify social media, and watched my second business soar. Within six-months I had seven employees and was in five locations around the Dallas Fort-Worth Area.

I sold that company and moved onto new ones, including consulting, live events (where I welcomed Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec to the stage), and podcasting studios. In my ‘spare time’ I partial home school my two kids, and take care of my five rescue dogs.

Here’s the deal, I believe you can have it all by putting the right systems in place, learning to hire the right people, and to take the overwhelm out of finding clients.

You don’t have to be everywhere, and honestly, you shouldn’t be everywhere. It’s all about learning to focus on the places that return a measurable ROI.

I want to help your business Get New Clients

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners learn how to navigate the overwhelm of building a business and try to figure out where and what to post, along with how to strategically spend their money so they can see instant ROI.

Ready to go from overwhelmed to Bringing in New Clients?

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My Official Bio

Erin (Smith) Gregor has a vast background in building and selling business, along with growing communities as a Content and Social Media Marketing Strategist. She is also the co-owner of several podcast studios throughout the DFW Metroplex, and a podcast consulting company.

She has sold three other businesses, including a few several service based companies, and a real estate investment company. She is also the founder of the Entrepreneur Summit, an event in North Texas that has welcomed speakers like Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, in addition to sponsors like Southwest Airlines, Salesforce, and WeWork.

In addition to building businesses, Erin is a mother of 2 2-legged children, 3 rescue dogs, and a cat, who thinks he might be a dog.


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