[Branded Podcast Secrets] Using a Podcast To Help Others and Make a Difference


When Dr. Steven Bradley saw an opportunity to share the true stories of medical school, the seed for starting a podcast was born. It then led to a way to help others find the resources they needed to pursue medical school and open the doors for a more diverse community to develop in the medical field.

Since then, it’s been his mission to help be the voice for those who may not know next steps or even believe the options that are available to them.

His podcast journey continued to evolve from there as he combined his love of ethics and podcasting to start a new segment of episodes, which launched a second podcast.

Curbside Ethics: https://podcasts.apple.com/ro/podcast/curbside-ethics/id1576146971

Black Doctors Podcast: https://theblackdoctorspodcast.com/

More About Dr. Steven Bradley

Dr. Steven Bradley is a board-certified anesthesiologist and medical ethicist with a passion for mentorship and increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce. As an assistant professor of anesthesiology, he combines his practice of medicine with educating medical students and resident physicians.

As the host and creator of The Black Doctors Podcast, Dr. Bradley interviews minority professionals in a variety of career paths. Each episode provides encouragement and motivation for listeners. Candid and transparent conversations enable listeners to identify with and be inspired by guests on the show. He is also the host of Curbside Ethics, a new podcast project that provides resources to help clinicians make better ethical and equitable decisions for the benefit of their patients. Visit www.StevenBradleyMD.com to learn more.


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