[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep 25 - Three Areas To Implement Processes

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It's Thursday, which means we're thinking like entrepreneurs, and today I want to talk about key processes that you need to start implementing probably yesterday into your business. Hey. It's Erin Smith, and welcome to another episode of Think Like an Entrepreneur Thursday, where we discuss the mindset shift of going from an employee to an entrepreneur. Today, I want to talk about processes. Now, I've done another episode on this where we talked about, you know, why you need processes and how they will set you free, but today I want to specifically cover three areas of your business where you really need to start thinking about implementing processes so much soon rather than later.

Processes are really important for several reasons. First of all, as a business owner, you've got to scale. Unless you're a lifestyle business and you want to be a one man show and you're totally cool with that, which hopefully you're not, because I'll be honest, the stress...

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[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep - 23 The One Answer You Must Know About Your Business

There are so many business owners who get in business for love of what they do.  They get excited about what they can do, and they love the idea of owning their own business.

I've run into this problem too many times, that when it's time to dig deep into the answer of one simple question, too many business owners stumble over the answer.  They get caught up in all the wonderful thing their business does, or why they're passionate about what they do.  And sure, your customer may like these things, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

So what does matter?

Well, it's one answer to one very simple question.  When you know the answer to this, business life becomes a lot easier.

What's the question?

You must be able to answer what problem your business solves.  That's all that matters.  It's what your business should do.  It must solve a problem, and if you're not sure exactly what problem it solves, you need to sit back and become...

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133 - Paving His Own Path To 7-Figures With Rock Thomas

Rock Thomas has a history of successful businesses, and after mastering real estate decided to help others master the skills required to get from six to seven-figures.  He's a Best-Selling Author, Seminar Creator, CEO of Rock Thomas Intl, and M1- March to a Millionaire

Tell me your story, what was in your head in starting your first business from farm kid mentality to being your boss?

Being raised on a farm, having a Good Work Ethic, Skills, Talent, and Connections as a mind frame.

On the farm, I Noticed that the “City Slickers” that took riding lessons on their farm had nothing to do while waiting around, so I decided to put up a table, bring my mom's coffee machine and sold them coffee.  Soon I was also selling them hot dogs because they were also hungry.  From there I got excited to make money. From there I drove a taxi in Austrailia, then modeling in Asia, oh and a pilot's license at the age of 16.

Many people get stuck.  You need to Say...

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131 - Tips To Grow Your Service Based Business With Scoop Industries

In today's online world starting a service based business can feel like a pretty simple task.  However, most people get in and find it's not quite as easy as they think.  Maggie and Brittany of Scoop Industries specialize in helping service-based companies grow.  They were kind enough to come by and give some tips and tricks for getting your service-based business discovered, and how to put the systems in place to grow!

*Below is an actual transcript from our podcast.

I think in service-based business, it feels like it's really easy money.  However, the cash never seems to come quite as easily as you think.  What is your advice for getting that first client?

First off, I love this question because I think this is where we kind of think some sort of alchemy is going to happen where we're you know going to set up a Web site and there's going to be a business.   But ultimately I think when you're starting out it comes down to three things:

1, If you're...

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My Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

It's summer, and I just got back from my vacation.  (I actually intended on writing this during my vacation, but I was enjoying it too much.)  I love to read and have gotten in a habit of reading a book a week.   If you're stuck in life or in business, I can't stress enough how much picking up the right book can make a huge difference in your life.

Over the past year, I was diligent on the book per week, and since we're in the middle of summer, I wanted to give you a list of my absolute favorites, and some of that have made a MAJOR difference in my life.

  1. The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks - Most people will read this and discover that they're holding themselves back to doing great things.  I actually put this book down after reading the second chapter and finally finished the book I had been talking about doing for years.  That same book was published just two months later, last September.
  2. Everybody Writes - Ann Handley - No matter what your job...
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Setting Business Goals - Should You Go Big or Go Home?

The question came up in our mastermind call today, and I think it's a perfect one to address here.  When it comes to setting goals how do you know when to go big versus small?

The truth is that going too big will make the whole thing overwhelming, and you will have a harder time getting momentum and getting things done.  Many times you'll end up in paralysis analysis and the amount of decisions that have to be made will cause you to not make any.

On the other hand, if your goals are too small how do you dream and get to the bigger picture?

My answer is simple.  Why can't you have both? 

In fact, I believe you can't do one without the other.

Let me take a step back and share a story.  When I started this business we had some pretty big dreams about buying massive winery property, and even had these listed on our vision boards, etc.  I would go to bed every night visually sipping a glass of wine from my property sitting in the hills.  It was...

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110 - Tip Tuesday - Transform Your Business with Periscope

I'm talking this Tip Tuesday and sharing:

  • Why I think you really should be jumping on the Periscope bandwagon.
  • Some tips and tricks to utilize it for your business.
  • How to get the most from it.
  • And why now is the best time to start using it.

Are you on Periscope?  Be sure to follow me @thestartersclub!  Also share your info in the comments!

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96 - Tip Tuesday - Establishing Systems to Make Productivity Increase with Val Geisler

Working in corporate america for a company that encourages you as the employee to own and create a difference in the world for yourself, is a dream to many.  With the thought-provoking measures that it takes to be a stage manager in theater productions to helping clients take their business to the next level, that really put systems in place to make sure that productivity is at its highest is the focus.   It is all about helping the entrepreneur grow and evolve in their business.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with the system strategy? It is really about more of who she is and the conversation that is going on about following your passion and you will never work a day in your life.   Being systemized and organized is who she is, so really it is about looking at what you are drawn to and the constant theme that you have done in your life and really follow the underlying current. Which leads to success because you really have a passion and...

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92 - Tip Tuesday - Knowing When and How To Hire with Amy Wright

Leaving the corporate world because a young and blended family was created is what motivated Amy to start thinking of how and what she wanted to do. She did not just jump right into anything that she thought of but yet did some good preliminary searching of how she could best support her family and her desire to be an entrepreneur. Listen to the journey of how she takes her skills from the corporate world and transpires them into helping others really find the best fit for their needs and flow of their business by guiding them through the process.

Amy takes her skills and helps business owners create systems that allow for more productivity with in your business.  By allowing her to look at your day-to-day activity and streamline practices along with either hiring or determining what you need to hire for the present and future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Amy started out as a corporate minion, like most people, trying to figure out what she didn’t want and what...

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87 - A Story of Side Hustling, Ups, Downs, and Everything In-Between with Lindsey Anderson

From the repetitive day-to-day job with a comfortable salary to turning her degree into a company of her own. The love that Lindsay shows about her passion of information systems and the World Wide Web to her company and her clients is like no other.  The steps are for the ease of the client and the rewards are for the benefits of the clients company. Although it is an income driven business she works very hard to provide as much information and resources for her clients so that they can get the most out of the services that Web Impakt offers.

Tell us how you side hustled to build your business and how you started Web Impact? She started working for the government in Idaho on very remote site out in the middle of nowhere with very limited access and not much around. It was a mind numbing, boring job that with any change followed with the need for numerous signatures to even get a part of the project done. From the very beginning she had the mindset of an entrepreneur, where...

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