[Branded Podcast Secrets] Building Business Transforming Relationships Through Her Podcast

Do you really know what it’s the air you’re breathing, and how those amazingly scented candles, perfumes, laundry detergents, etc are affecting you?

You would probably be surprised at what these chemicals can do to you, and Kelly Bonanna is here to help us all discover clean beauty.

She is also the host of Clean Beauty Scene Podcast, and she shares her journey of starting and building her podcast for her business.

We talk about why she started the podcast, how she’s marketing it, and how the relationships she’s made through the podcast are transforming her business.

To connect with Kelly here are some links below:

Clean Beauty Scene Podcast on all apps &: https://kellybonanno.com/podcast/  

Website: https://kellybonanno.com/

Free download: 5 Steps To Improve Your Metabolism & Kickstart Weight Loss After 40    https://kellybonanno.com/metabolism  

The Body Harmony Method Group Program:  https://kellybonanno.com/bodyharmony 


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