[Branded Podcast Secrets] Does Going Viral on Instagram Boost Your Podcast?


It's the social media dream, to have your post/reel be viewed by millions of users. However, does that viral video actually help boost your download numbers?

Pamela Crane, host of the Yoga Pro Podcast, and owner of Interoceptive Performance. She focuses on helping Yoga Professionals get comfortable in front of the camera. Pamela uses podcasting to help boost her brand, and has found it's a great way to get client referrals.

Pamela has also utilized Instagram to help build her brand, and even had one of her reels go viral. We talked about how reels has been an important part of helping her grow, but why going viral may not be the end all, be all you think it will be for downloads and growth. It's all about helping you understand your client and connecting with them.

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