[Branded Podcast Secrets] How Stepping Up Launched a Podcast That's Making a Huge Impact


You have to love a company that listens to the ideas of their employees, and that’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, Karonlina Toth.

After burnout happened at her previous employer, Karolina moved to Coding Sans. She noticed they were conducting great interviews through blog posts, and encouraged them to to begin a podcast. They listened, Level Up Engineering was born, and the rest is history.

Karolina talks about why proving value has been Karolina’s #1 priority. How their first podcast spun off into an entirely different podcast, and why the company is behind not one but two podcasts now. We also ow the podcast has created open door opportunities for their sales team, the simplest secret to what helps her get such amazing talent on her podcast, plus so much more.

Want to connect with Karolina - head over to CodingSans.com to find the podcast and learn more. You can also connect with her directly on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/karolinatoth/


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