[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 14 The Power of Upleveling

This is a concept I have learned to deal with in this business.  I have found it to make a massive difference in my business.

As human beings, we love comfort.  We love to put ourselves in positions where we know the answers. We know we’re not going to be challenged. Lastly, we know there will be no surprises.

However, I would look at it this way.  

"Do you really want to be the high school quarterback who never wants to go beyond his glory days?"

Many entrepreneurs want to be at a certain level, but they put themselves in the uncomfortable positions to get there. Here’s a great way to measure this.  When you’re at events or find yourself surrounded by certain people, ask yourself "Are you usually the smartest and the most well-connected person in the room, or is it the opposite?"

I’ve learned that instead of hanging out with people where I knew I was ahead of the game, for ego strokes, to make myself constantly uncomfortable.  I love to make sure I’m putting myself in places, where I can help and provide value, but I’m continually pushing myself to new levels.

It may mean getting uncomfortable financially, or just putting myself in rooms with people of where I want to go, not where I currently am.  This is what has increased my business 10 times over, because I am constantly pushing myself.

Starting the business is only the first step outside of a comfort zone.  Constantly up leveling is where you need to push yourself to get to the level you desire.  When you learn to help people who are ahead of you, they’re going to want to help you back.  

It’s really important that you push yourself, and you’re never truly comfortable in your business.  

Have an in-depth understanding of where you want to go, and find those people who are there.  Find ways to help those people, and you will watch your business soar.

Do you have any tips on getting uncomfortable, or questions about finding these people?  Please post below.



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