[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 17 No, The Customer Isn't Always Right

If you’re entering entrepreneurship, you’ve probably heard 1,000 times that the customer is always right.  

Here’s why I think this is wrong:

Although I know your customers are the ones who actually make your business money, it is your employees who will help drive the success of your company.  They are usually the ones taking care of the customers, so you need to make sure you take care of them.

Granted, understand I’m not saying the employee is always right.  Of course, you need to be careful of those toxic ones in your company.

When I started my first business, I made sure that money wasn’t everything for me.  I had come from a position in Corporate America where they didn’t care about us or the situation they were putting us in. They just needed to make a dime.  I vowed that I would never put my employees in a bad situation just so I could make a dime.

As the owner of a company, your employees should know that you have their back.

I had circumstances where I literally had to fire customers because they were rude and treated my employees like crap. There is no amount of money that’s worth dealing with really horrible people.  Think about how you’re going to treat your employees.  Do they know you’re going to take care of them, if they’re doing everything they can to build your business?

You have to make sure if a customer in a certain position is wrong, that you make the right choices and handle it appropriately. 

Definitely understand there will be some gray area, so proceed with caution.  

If you have great stories of how you’ve taken care of your employees, I would love to hear from you?


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