[Think Like An Entrepreneur Thursday] Ep. 22 - Hiring Contractors & Service Providers

Hiring contractors and service providers is a crucial step in your business. There are some great people in every industry. However, just like all services, there are some shady characters out there.

Don't leave yourself up to chance when it comes to getting the work done the right way. In this video I talk about what questions you have the right to ask, how to begin the relationship, and what you should expect for an ongoing basis.

First, and foremost, your gut is always, always, always right.  Did I mention, it's always right?  When something isn't sitting right with you, then don't keep pushing through with it.  You should be excited about hiring someone to do your work, not nervous.  They should be communicating with you and letting you know what they're doing.  Just recently, I was in a situation where a red flag went off when this person was going silent on me for days at a time.  She was selling a house for me, and the first thought that went through my mind was 'if she's not calling me back for days, what about potential buyers.'

Second, make sure you lay out your expectations.  Yes, they are the experts, but you have expectations of the outcome, whether you think you do or not.  Don't sit back and tell them to do whatever they think.  Yes, they should bring their expertise to the table, but you should have input before the end goal is delivered.

Third, make sure they're communicating with you, frequently.  Even if they're going to work on something that takes a while to show results, they should be showing you what they're working on, in the meantime.

And never, ever be afraid to ask for what's going on.  This is your money, and you need to respect it.  This is your business, your livelihood, and it's crucial that you remember that and do as much as you possibly can without having someone taking advantage of you.

Also, know that this isn't about micromanagement.  This is about knowing where you stand and asking questions for clarification.


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